Portable Generator Reviews and Buying Guides

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  • What is power generator?
  • Why do you need it?
  • Best place to buy a generator in your area?
  • Where to buy a best portable generator?
  • Or maybe you need the best portable generator for home?
  • Or just curious of the best generator brand?
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New Reviews

For most people, power generator is a backup plan, just in case of power failure in the area, or as power supply somewhere in the woods or as on-the-go supply of electricity in case of emergency.
Need an affordable generator that meets your needs? I reveal you all tips and tricks in finding the perfect generator for home use, for camping and business, at a best price possible. I made my own lists and ratings of the best generators based on consumers reports and personal experience.

Critical questions for your future purchase:

  1. Maximum watts production?
  2. Is there enough input for your needs?
  3. What type of fuel does it use?
  4. How loud can it get?
  5. How long can it run on a full tank?
  6. Is it easy in transporting?
  7. Are there any other accessories needed?

When looking through reviews you should pay attentions to these important numbers:
How much fuel per hour it uses? What type of fuel?

Depending on a region it is efficient to choose on easy to get fuel. For example, in country it is cheaper to buy diesel, than gasoline. 

Size and style.

Depending on your lifestyle and needs, your choice can vary from compact solar generator or a large home used generator with 20 gallon tank. So consider your space and range of use when buying a generator.

Additional functions.

Many models have plenty advanced features, which are described in reviews in detail.